Repurposed: Bean Sacks

Photo Sep 07, 5 43 40 PM

My brother works at a local coffee shop and occasionally gets to go to the roaster who supplies their beans. Last time he went, he was able to grab some burlap coffee bags, of which he gave me two. After stapling them to some canvas stretcher bars, they’ve turned into some instant art and a great conversation starter!

You can find the stretcher bars at almost any art or craft supply store – and they come in all different measurements – so you can “frame” anything really – coffee bags, an old tapestry, scrap fabric, even a sports jersey! Be creative 🙂

I had to use some tiny nails on one of mine that had thicker burlap, so also be sure to keep in mind the size of your staples vs. the weight of your fabric.

My tips for a taught finish:

> Start out by stapling the wooden frame pieces together at the corners. Sometimes they slide apart easily and that’s the last thing you want when you’re halfway through the project.

> DON’T go around the frame in a circle. Instead, begin with each of the four corners, and then the middle of each of the four sides. Then repeat this radiating around the frame. For every staple you put in, put one in the opposite side. This way you’ll get an even pull from all directions and you won’t have to deal with a “bubble” on your last staple.

> And lastly, with every staple, pull that fabric tight, tight, tight!