You Had Me at Jell-O

Welcome to 2016!!

I had a great holiday at home with my family where I discovered an old cookbook from my Nana’s house:


I have fond memories of my Nana, who always had Jell-o neatly made in crystal goblets in her fridge. After flipping through this book, let me say thank goodness those glasses contained ONLY Jell-O. As a 40 year tribute to the book’s publish date, and really as a fun project for me, I am attempting to make EVERY recipe in this book in the next 365 days and document it here on my blog. Unfortunately alongside the fruity Jell-o creations, that includes the terrifying ones that call for prunes, mayonaise and tuna. My lovely assistant, Andrew, has volunteered as tribute to taste test every single one (bless him). Check back here often to follow me through this J-E-L-L-O journey!

wiggles & jiggles,


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