Craft Beer Cupcakes

Hardywood Singel Cupcakes

I’ve been seeing quite a few beer cupcake recipes lately but they all seem to be specific to corporate beers (Guiness, Blue Moon, Corona, etc). I altered this recipe to utilize a great local craft brew from here in Richmond, VA.

First, I did a lot of searching and found this wonderful recipe which is a generic beer cupcake recipe with a complimentary citrus-infused cream cheese icing.

After landing on Hardywood Singel as the local beer of choice, I went ahead and did some research!  Google the beer and find out  the flavors. A few beer blogs I stumbled upon mentioned the blood orange notes which is what I went with. Others mentioned ginger and honey but those were a little too adventurous for my first attempt. Obviously drinking a few beers to “make sure” blood orange would taste ok is part of the process.


All jokes aside, I think what makes this recipe really work is brushing the beer on top of the cupcakes after they’re cooked. Or drinking during the process. Not sure.

Happy Baking,