Cork Monogram

Remember the wine wreath that I made last year? After my mom told me she wanted one too, I decided to take it one step further and make it into a monogram.

IMG_2716 I found this wooden ‘G’ at A.C. Moore. To make the whole thing more lightweight, (it’s heavy!) you could probably also cut out  a monogram using foam core or a heavy-duty poster board.


Then, I glued corks to it! I liked having the wine-stained sides up, but there were a few with dates or logos on the other side, so I made sure to check before gluing. I also recommend doing the whole process in blobs, beginning with the edges of one section first to create a smooth line, and fill in the middle. Place about 8 or so on the letter to test out placement before gluing. I had to glue and un-glue a few to make them fit, but as long as you maintain a straight edge, it will look professional!


I made the summery bow using this video from the Creative Goddess.



DIY Etched Glass


This Christmas was a very-DIY Christmas, and it’s about time I got to sharing some of the crafts I concocted. This was by far my favorite and probably easiest. The most fun part about this craft is deciding what you’re going to etch and what you’re going to etch on it. I decided to make two sets of whiskey glasses for my brother and dad.

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Antenna “Camo”

I am one of the last people on earth to not have TV. For the past two years or so, I’ve gotten along great with my Roku and DVD player. Last year, I bought (an UNSIGHTLY!) TV antenna from Lowes, which only gives me about 6 channels, but I must admit it is nice to watch the local news and football. The antenna is advertised as paintable, but thinking that it would still obviously look like a camouflaged TV antenna, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint it to match the walls. After looking around online, I found a great idea to paint it with a pattern with painter’s tape using the same wall paint. What do you think?!

Photo Nov 30, 2 31 58 PM

The paint color in my living room is Benjamin Moore Edgecombe Gray HC-173.


Refreshed 80s Lamps

Photo Mar 09, 11 35 54 AM

My Nana had these baby blue seashell lamps at her beach house for as long as I can remember. After her house sold, somehow they ended up in my parent’s garage, and subsequently in my apartment. They have a pretty cool shape, but the 1980s baby blue just wasn’t working for me. I had an extra can of Martha Stewart Lightstrokes metallic paint left over from some other project, and I decided to use that to paint them.


Step 1:: These guys had a pretty thick glaze and definitely needed to be sanded down to hold any sort of paint. Sanding them down was the worst. Make sure to get in all the nooks and crannies or else you’ll have a hard time painting later. Hard to tell from the picture below, but I sanded until I could see a lighter finish.


Step 2:: Paint! I taped off the top of the lamp as well as around the cord at the base. I used a quart of paint and had plenty left over, but it did take me lots and lots of tiny little coats to get the whole things covered.

Photo   Photo

That’s it! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, and now begins the search for lampshades….

Photo Mar 09, 11 35 54 AM

Happy painting,