Jell-O, Is it Me You’re Looking For?


 Frosted Fresh Grapes 

Jell-O coated grapes, just like candy!

2 pounds seedless grapes
1 egg white, slightly beaten
1 package Jell-O, any flavor

Cut bunches of grapes into small clusters. Dip clusters, one at a time, into beaten egg white. Hold to permit excess to drain off, then sprinkle with gelatin. Chill on tray covered with wax paper for about 3 hours. Use as a garnish for salad and dessert, or serve as a dessert. Frosted grapes may be stored in refrigerator overnight.

The first problem with this one was leaving it up to me to pick any Jell-O flavor. I mean, there’s grapes in this thing so do i use grape Jell-O? Should I go citrus-y? Help!! The grocery store didn’t have grape Jell-O so I went with black cherry with the logic that  they’re both small fruits. I don’t know.

In the end, you could probably go with any Jell-O flavor, since it’s basically just being used as a sugar coating. The Black Cherry powder + green grapes came out looking pretty brown, HOWEVER these things are like crack! I couldn’t stop eating them. They even got approval from Mom, Dad, and Boyfriend. Obviously a 4-mold rating here.


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