I’m trying to get caught up on all my posts!

Saturday I went on a trip with CIS to Cambridge. 

We left early – 8am – on a charter bus headed north. It took two hours, which was nice for sleeping (the fire alarm went off at 3 am the previous night). 

When we got there, our tour guide told us a little about the University, its rivalry with Oxford, and it’s notable alumni. Tourists aren’t allowed on any of the campuses (there are 31 colleges that make up Cambridge) but some of them let you on for a small fee. 

We went over the river, where there are boats called punts that people steer with a big pole (similar to gondolas). After that we walked into the town and took a short circular walk through. 

We were given 2 hours of our own time, so Lauren and I got a delicious lunch at a little cafe, and then looked through shops and markets. We went into the cutest fabric store called CallyCo with amazing bolts of fabric and cute hand sewn pillows & stuff. There was a candy shop reminiscent of “The Candyman” scene in Willy Wonka nearby as well.

We also ducked into a few little boutiques. Hard to see, but funnily enough, this dress has Ulysses S. Grant and George Washington on it: ( I honestly really like it! )

Later we met up and went into a church in Kings College. It was refreshingly small, compared to all of the cathedrals we have been seeing recently. It was really pretty, but had little historical significance besides the fact that it was old. 

Then we walked over to a church where the reformation apparently began in England (although I’m not sure how that can actually be proven!) Then we saw Darwin’s originial samples in the local laboratories/science museum. (Similar to the Naturalist Center at home) I thought this was the most interesting part, but we didn’t stay long because we needed to get back to London.

(The bird and coral have nothing to do with Darwin, I just liked them)

^ THESE are his original samples. 

Overall, Cambridge was nice but I didn’t think worth going back to.