Portugal, part III: Albufiera

Friday and Saturday we headed to Albufiera, a beach about an hour bus ride from Faro. It was gorgeous, with cliff-like rocks and Caribbean blue water! We were lucky and it was about 16-18ºC, about 75-80ºF.

My dinner on friday – Arroz Mariscos and a glass of Sangria! Yep, that’s a crab claw.

My dinner on Saturday : Portuguese Style Pork with onions, tomatoes, and peppers

View from the plane as we left Faro:

Portugal, part II: Faro

We arrived in Faro around 12 Thursday afternoon. We walked around the city, got a nice lunch, and went back to the hostel early, where we fell asleep before 7! (ha ha)

My Lunch : A DELICIOUS house salad which included shrimp and fresh tuna! I think it’s the most colorful meal I’ve had since January.

Portugal, part I: the Journey

This past weekend, Lauren and I went to Faro, Portugal for a nice Beach vacation! Our trip there included a few stumbles but it was all worth it in the end. It was GORGEOUS and warm and I wish I was still lying on that beautiful beach!

Wednesday night Lauren and I headed to Victoria to catch a bus out to Bournemouth for a morning flight. Our flight was at 9am Thursday morning and the earliest bus from London wouldn’t get us there in time. We figured that we’d just sleep in the airport. The tickets were so much cheaper than flying out of London that we didn’t care. 

Once we got to Bournemouth, we hopped in a cab to take us to the airport. Once we got there, the doors were LOCKED! I – and Lauren as well – did not expect that curveball! I assumed all international airports would be open basically all hours, but I guess because this was a tiny airport (only like 5 terminals) it wouldn’t open until 4. Our cab driver was so nice and offered to drive us back for free, but we didn’t know where we would go at the coach station for four hours either. We told him we’d stay and wait it out, and he reluctantly drove away after telling us not to sit out in the cold. We took a little lap around the side of the airport and thankfully found that the entrance to the Arrivals waiting area was open! Right as we were going inside, our cabbie drove by again – he had called another cab driver and come to tell us to stay in the arrivals; finding us inside. He really was awesome to come back to check on us, and I need to send the company a message about his excellent service! SO, once we made it into the little arrivals room, all we had to do was wait until 4. We had a lot of food and candy, and I think we reached the point of delusional laughter around 2am. Let’s just say we didn’t really sleep.

Note the creepy plastic flap door .. around 2:30  or 3 we started talking about how this room looked like a set for a zombie movie. After talking about zombies for about 10 minutes, the plastic flaps smacked together making the largest cracking noise! I jumped about ten feet in the air and Lauren froze on the spot. Bad topic for discussion. 

I wrote a comment card about the airport not being open 24 hours without having that posted on the website. ALSO, I wrote that I was surprised that no security whatsoever came by to see who had just snuck into arrivals. I was surprised, especially at an international airport. (Although today I found out from my flatmates that taking shoes off for security is just a USA thing)

Pretending to sleep.

Finally, around 3:30 I had to go to the bathroom sooo bad. I was dancing around the room in pain, hoping I could make it 10 more minutes. Around 3:50 I decided I couldn’t hold it any longer and I went outside to find a little corner to pee in (hey, you gotta do what you gotta do). I was shocked when I saw two women with suitcases rolling by (and a little disappointed, because I really had to go). We followed them into the airport, which was finally open, Hurrah! and I sprinted to the bathroom. Perfect Timing. 

THEN, after that, we still had 3 hours to kill before security opened for our gate. We found some really comfy leather couches in the coffee shop, where we both actually fell asleep. 

SO THEN, we made it through security – which was a joke, they were all signing up for some potluck dinner or something while we walked through the metal detectors – and set up camp in the gate for an hour or so.

Out of nowhere a ton of people showed up for our flight (a lot of old people – golfers) and because RyanAir is so cheap, it’s a free-for-all for seats. It was manic. They also make you shove your carry on into this little box to make sure it fits the requirements. The kicker – mine didn’t fit. So I had to pay £35 at the gate, which sucked. I also had to pay it for the flight back – the wheels wouldn’t fit – seriously the box is tiny, probably could only fit a large backpack. – – – A warning for all of you guys flying Ryan Air!!! (and it’s smaller than easyjet’s little box)