Brandenburg Gate. To the left is the American Embassy and to the right is the French Embassy …. and a Kennedy Museum.

This is the Hotel Adlon, the place where the late King of Pop held his baby over the balcony

Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Germany is VERY ashamed of it’s past. Any historical Nazi places are not marked. Right here underneath my feet is Hitler’s Bunker, where he killed himself. There are no signs or markings, it’s just a parking lot 

The Luftwaffe Headquarters. One of the last Nazi buildings in Berlin; also the location of the 1953 Uprising, where the Soviet army opened fire on protestors, killing at least 500 people.

Propaganda showing a happy communist society

Me in front of the wall

my next car! 70’s pea green.

Checkpoint Charlie

Bebelplatz, the site of the 1933 book burning. Interestingly, there is a little memorial nearby with a quote from 19th cent. Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, who wrote in his 1821 Play Almansor "where they burn books, they will also burn people". His was among many of the books burned, but I thought it was interesting that he made this quote over 100 years earlier.

Alexanderplatz, it’s so ugly, but the Berliners love it. It’s actually quite a good navigation device. 

Me on Museumsinsel, or literally translated “museum island”. Our tour guide joked that the Germans are great at naming things; the word for ‘gloves’ translates to “hand socks”. Behind me is the Old Museum, which used to contain the bust of Nefertiti, it has since been moved to another museum on the island, the New Museum.  

Berlin Cathedral. 

Dinner! german sausages with saurekraut and mashed potatoes! SO DELICIOUS

Me with the guy outside the restaurant.

My last day we went to the German History Museum, it was pretty cool, it had floorplans to the Berlin Castle (which was destroyed by the soviets), Napoleon’s hat from Waterloo and some cool ancient texts. I liked this map because there’s no America on it!

And this reminded me of something out of Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter.

part of a V2 rocket

a little blurry but a German propaganda poster warning Germans of American Spies

Hamburg to South America in 3 Days!

Gendarmenmarkt, German Cathedral

Gendarmenmarkt, Konzerthaus

Gendarmenmarkt, French Cathedral

Döners for lunch!


I want this car too