Barçelona & Girona

Lauren & I were in Barcelona for 5 days, and one day we headed to a nearby city, Girona to visit our flatmate Alba!

La Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudí, still under construction. It just recently was named a Basilica.

Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Cólon) Monument


La Boqueria Market, on Las Ramblas, it was amazing!!

We got our lunch here!

2 euros for a bowl of delicous fruit! That pink polka dot thing is Cactus Fruit, it wasn’t as fruity as it looks… It actually tasted like a green pepper. Next to that is a big chunk of coconut; also in it were grapes, mango, watermelon, kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple.

Nice to know that good coffee exists somewhere in Europe. Notice the American Flag man in the lower left corner.

After that, we headed to the Gothic Quarter, Barri Gotic, the original city.

These two castle looking structures are part of the original Roman wall, back when it was called Barcino.

inside the Deacons house near the Cathedral (not the same cathedral as earlier!) We never went inside the Cathedral because it was 6 euros, and to be honest, after you have seen about ten really old cathedrals, you’ve seen them all.

Me in a square in the Barri Gotic

Friday we took a train to visit Alba in Girona, the second largest city in Catalunya. She lives in a small village just outside of Girona. We went to the beach and then walked around the city.

The Beach:

to my right

and to my left

That’s the Mediterranian

Alba drove us up to the top of the hill nearby, which had some fantastic views. I also thought this restaurant was cool!

Castillo in the distance

That’s Alba on the steps in Girona

There’s some legend that if you kiss this money’s butt you’ll come back to Girona… I just touched it.

Me & Alba!

Me, Alba, Lauren

Alba took us up the old Roman wall, where we could get an excellent view of the city.

This is back in Barçelona, in the Plaça de Catalunya. After, we headed up the mountain to Parc Güell, designed by Gaudí. 

There were a lot of street performers, including a flamenco dancer

Me & Jesus with dreads 


A flamenco guitarist who looks a little like Alec Baldwin

View from Parc Güell, that is Sagrada Família in the center.

Cruise Ships!

Someone’s house at the top of the mountain/hill… overlooking Parc Güell and Barçelona

at the Picasso Museum, one of my favorite artists!

Arc de Triompf

Outside la Sagrada Família

This was a really cool looking Victorian style building but Lauren cut off the top (the coolest part) haha

View from the Airport in Girona on the way home.