After Berlin, I went back to school to take an exam, then I got right back on a plane to meet Lauren in Dublin! As you can see from my scarf, it was a lot colder than Amsterdam and Berlin!

DAY 1 we took a New Europe tour around Dublin, then I went and did some shopping while Lauren had to sort out some moving stuff with her mom. 

Dublin Castle

Christchurch, founded by the Viking King Sitric Silkenbeard. (I know, funniest name ever. I wonder if he has descendants)

In Temple Bar, founded by William Temple. I thought he looked like Gaston though, so I changed the lyrics a little: “noooooo ONNEEEEE drinks like Gaston!”

Only in Ireland

The main street in Dublin, O’Connell Street, with the Millenium Spire to the left background, a statue of Daniel O’Connell in front of that. He was the main guy involved in the liberation of the Republic of Ireland. To the right further down is a building that played a big part in their revolution, the General Post Office, the headquarters of the Easter Rising’s leaders. 

Trinity College

Irish, a gaelic language, is an official language and is on all the signs

House of the Oireachtas – basically the Irish Senate. It’s building design is based on the White House

This was in a souvenir shop and way too expensive for me to purchase. I couldn’t find Cuskelly but there was a Dunleavy one – I couldn’t get a picture because the employees saw me take this one

DAY 2 We took a tour that was recommended to us by a few people – the Wild Wicklow Tour – it’s basically a charter bus that drives all through the mountains right outside Dublin

Dun Laoghaire

ha ha, eyes closed. Annamoe


Lough Tay – it was really windy

then they gave out free shots of Jameson

Next stop was a 6th century Monastic settlement, Glendalough

St. Kevin’s Cross. Apparently the oldest Celtic Cross.

This is when we tried to use self-timer on the camera and it fell over

This rock is some sort of wishing rock – i forget the whole story

DAY 3 we went out to Kilmainham Gaol, and the Guinness Factory

The jail was one of the first of its kind to introduce solitary confinement; the way the layout was, no matter what cell you were in, you couldn’t communicate with other prisoners through the doors or though windows. A lot of people involved early in the Revolution were kept here – and killed here, which became a catalyst for the revolution amongst more moderates.

the Victorian wing. it might look familiar – a lot of movies were filmed here, including the original Italian Job

The woman in this cell was a trained artist and this is what you see through the peephole.

onto the Guinness Storehouse

I’m a sucker for anything nautical

fun fact: the Guinness toucan was originally a Pelican

After going through the factory (where you get a free sample), we headed up to the top floor, which boasts that it has the best view of Dublin. They also give out free Pints here too. Conclusion: the Irish like to give out booze