Abbey Road

Saw this sign on the way to Abbey Road Studios

Me looking like Sasquatch

It was so difficult to try and get a photo, because there are constantly cars driving down the road, and about 10-15 other people trying to do the same thing as you. There’s a live webcam online too, which is pretty funny to watch.

We paired up with two other ladies to form a four man band

running to get away from oncoming traffic

Out & About

These past few days I’ve been out & about, hitting the places I haven’t seen yet. Yesterday I went to the Tate Britain and the British Museum, neither of which I had a great interest in, but felt that I should see before I leave. The British Museum had nothing British in it! It mostly had exhibits on ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Native Americans and the Middle East. It had some cool greek statues (but, I’ve had my fair share after the V&A and the Louvre. The coolest things in my opinion were ACTUAL mummies and some totem poles. The Tate Britain houses art by British artists, and after the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, and the Louvre (again) … it gets redundant. I did get totally enthralled in one exhibit in the modern art section which was a video by Mark Wallinger entitled “Threshold to the Kingdom”. It’s simply an 11 minute video of the ‘arrivals’ section of the airport, put into extreme slow motion and set to Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere Me Deus (essentially, a gregorian chant). Whether you consider it ‘art’ or not I couldn’t tear myself away. 

Anyway, today I went to the British Library, which boasts about it’s “Treasures”. I took a Rick Steves audio guide with me and wandered around on my own. They have some fantastic artifacts in there! I wasn’t allowed to take photos but some of their ‘treasures’ include THE Magna Carta, Shakespeare’s First Folio, Jane Austen’s original manuscripts, Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, The Gutenberg Bible, Charlotte Brontë’s handwritten Jane Eyre, pages from DaVinci’s notebook, and The Beatle’s handwritten lyrics, which seem pretty lame compared to the age of everything else in the room. One thing that was missing (and was supposed to be there) that I had looked forward to seeing was Lewis Carroll’s Illustrations for Alice in Wonderland; they must have been on loan to another museum. Anyway, I only spent about an hour there but it was a nice little break from the crazy tube/trains/transportation – Everyone here is freaking out about that ash cloud!

Never Washing My Hand

Last night, we sporadically decided to go to the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 premiere, let me just say I’m SO HAPPY we did

Natalie, Lauren & Caleb

We got there and realized we were unprepared; Lauren joked “Johnny will you sign my passport!?" 

right by the barrier

The Security Guard "Big Man”. We were nice to him so that he could be nice back. It worked out, he stationed another security guard right behind us so that people wouldn’t be too pushy. He also gave us one of the posters that were on the barriers. 

Sam Claflin

Jerry Bruckheimer

I screamed “GEOFFREY” when I saw Geoffrey Rush, he turned and looked RIGHT AT US and waved!!!

First glimpse of Penelope Cruz. She just had a baby. Just saying.


he came over and started signing autographs but I decided to shake his hand instead.

Caleb got a really good video of the whole thing

Poster curtesy of Big Man. Caleb looks like Steve Urkel

Posing with a cow.

after everyone mingled out, we went and looked at the set downstairs – where they do all the interviews you see on tv

We talked to a security guard after and she was saying that she grabbed a poster too and that someone had offered her £200 for it!! I think Caleb is putting it on ebay. 

We were SO GIDDY for the rest of the night, it was hysterical. 


This morning, I woke up at 5:30 so we could leave by 7. We ended up bumping into a few other Americans on campus who were also headed towards central. The ride there was curiously quiet and empty, and even when we got out of Green Park Tube Station, it wasn’t so bad. We walked around Green Park to try to get into Buckingham Palace or the Mall but by the time we got there, the guards said it was full. So, we headed to Green Park where we settled down to watch the giant TV screens. It actually worked out better because we got to see a live cast of the entire ceremony (as opposed to the people outside the Palace who only saw their carriage drive by). It was supposed to rain but never did! And it was a beautiful moment when Kate stepped out of the limo and the sun shone through the clouds.

Walking into Green Park. (Buckingham Palace is to the left)

Green Park, the building in the top right corner is the back of the Palace

Crowds & the Jumbo Tron

This lady was SO COOL. Check out her shoulder pads.

Posh & Becks

Zoom In on the Corgi Shoulder Pads

More shoulder pads

The color is a little funky because of the TV screen

The Kiss

Flypast; Battle of Britain Memorial Flight‘s Lancaster, a Spitfire and a Hurricane

30 seconds later, two Typhoons and two Tornado GR4s


today I went to Buckingham Palace to see Good Morning America and scope out what we’re in for tomorrow! It was immense!

The press boxes in front of the palace

Top Left: Meredith Viera, Bottom Right: Robin Roberts

zoom in of Robin

 Bianna Golodryga, Good Morning America

People camped out already

blurry pictures of ME ON TV… i’m back between the man with white hair and the crazy girl… right between the two newscasters heads. in the first picture I have sunglasses on.  Watch the video HERE … i awkwardly wave a lot in it.

The Ritz made me a sign…how nice 🙂