RIGHT after the wedding, Lauren and I hopped on a bus to head to Amsterdam for Queen’s Day! The bus was horrible – it reminded me of the stories I hear about the chinatown bus. Everyone was noisy and our driver was crazy. At around 2am, we had to get OFF the bus to get onto the ferry that goes across the channel into France. Then we got back on the bus and had about 8 more hours to go. Torture.

Me on the ferry

Queens Day celebrates the Queen of the Netherlands, from the House of Orange .. that’s why everything is orange.

Enjoying some lunch with Heineken, Amsterdam’s finest.

A Carnival set up in front of the Royal Palace

Cruise Ship!

Slanty Buildings

This is the Medieval Entrance into Amsterdam, also where Rembrandt painted “the Anatomy Lesson”

Pee Deflectors; no matter what angle you pee at it, it will always spray back in your face.

The Original Heineken Brewery

This was inside a little square where a ‘secret’ catholic church exists. Little old ladies/nuns live in all the houses

Skinniest house in Amsterdam

Amsterdam delicacy, fries with sauce!

We went to the Anne Frank house between this, I didn’t take any pictures though. It was really interesting and I couldn’t believe that i was in the actual house. A little creepy too, Lauren had a paranormal experience in it.

Our second day we ventured out to Zaanse Schans, a little village complete with windmills

This windmill was built in 1625

“take a picture of me with this door”

It was so pretty, the owners pulled into the driveway while we were taking the photo, it was awkward.